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Dear Patrons,

The Concord Free Public Library (CFPL) has always been the cultural heart of the community – in both location and mission. It has a proud tradition of being a place to read, write, and learn. In a town rich with cultural opportunities, the CFPL is unique because all programs and events are free and open to the public.

As the Library has evolved with the times to meet community needs since 1873, buildings have been built, renovated and expanded and new services have been added. This progress is critical to ensure the Library remains relevant and dynamic.

There has never been a greater demand for programs, classes, events, and meetings, but we are running out of space. We now have the exciting opportunity to integrate the current Main Library building with the historic Heywood-Benjamin house next door at 151 Main Street. This project is a wonderful confluence of the Town Library Committee’s long-range plan, the Friends of the Library’s growing support and sponsorship of programs, and the Library Corporation’s responsibility to provide space and raise funds for all of these needs.

Libraries are changing. They are no longer just a place to quietly read, think, write, study, and do research, but they are social places where people can gather, talk, collaborate, explore, and learn together. The building project meets both needs by preserving the cherished quiet historic spaces and creating more dynamic and active ones for all age groups.

Highlights of the project include:

  • expanded Children’s Library with hands-on activity space, quiet reading areas, and family bathrooms
  • expanded Teen Space for hanging out with peers and doing homework
  • new Workshop where people can tinker, create, learn, and explore
  • new large program space to meet demand for more programs during the day as  well as for popular evening programs
  • new collaborative working spaces for adults and teens
  • new Commons area to meet a friend for coffee or read the newspaper
  • expanded and improved Special Collections spaces for collection management, individual and collaborative research, programs, preparing exhibitions, and displaying collections.

Our $10 million Connecting Our Community Campaign has gotten off to a great start with the collaboration of the Town, Library Director, library staff, and many, many volunteers.  We have been especially humbled by the early support and generosity of our lead donors.

We hope to break ground next fall (2019), and will focus the next several months on additional leadership giving. When the timing is right, we will also embark on a community-wide fundraising effort.

We will only succeed if we receive wide-ranging participation and support from the citizens of Concord. Your participation will be critical in ensuring that the Concord Free Public Library remains one of the best small libraries in the world.

If you have questions, please contact our Development Director, Marcy Bouley Eckel (978-318-3355

Thank you,

Sherry F. Litwack 
John and Johanna Boynton
President, CFPL Corporation Campaign Co-Chairs