Current Policies

  • Art Gallery and Art Jury

    The Art Gallery of the Concord Free Public Library is administered by the Friends of the Library and by representatives from the local art community. An art jury is held once to several times a year in order to select work of qualified artists for display in the art gallery. 

    The Concord Free Public Library does not charge for the use of the gallery, and takes no commission from any sales. It carries NO insurance on its content and CANNOT accept responsibility for the theft or damage to any property accepted on loan from the artist. Setting up and taking down the exhibit is the responsibility of the artist(s). Each exhibit is displayed for approximately four weeks. 

    Art jurors ask for five representative pieces that exemplify the body of work planned for an upcoming exhibit; i.e., five pieces representing one complete show, instead of a sampling of all of an artist’s work. 

    In addition to the exhibition of art or photography, the Concord Free Public Library exhibits material from its own collection, as well as any material that may be of general interest to the community. 

  • Children’s Use of the Library Policy

    The Concord Free Public Library welcomes children of all ages and strives to create a welcoming, fun and safe environment for children to develop a love of books, reading, and libraries. We hope that families will take advantage of the tremendous resources the Concord Free Public Library has to offer. We request that parents and caregivers partner with us in this effort by adhering to the following guidelines:

    • Parents and guardians, not Library staff, are responsible for the actions and safety of children visiting the Library.
    • Children aged 9 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian or designated caregiver (aged 13 or older) ​at all times in the Library.
    • If children aged 9 years and younger are attending a Library program, their parents or guardians must remain in the Library building.
    • Children aged 10 and older may use the Library without a parent or guardian present. They must have a way to contact a parent or caregiver when they are unattended in the Library.
    • If a child becomes separated from their parent or guardian, Library staff will try to locate the missing caregiver. If a parent or guardian cannot be located within a reasonable time, the librarian in charge will call the Concord Police Department, who will remain with the child until a parent or guardian arrives.
    • If the child’s parent or guardian cannot be located after the Library has closed, two Library staff members will stay with the child until the police arrive.
    • Library staff members are prohibited from transporting children from the Library to any other location.

    The Children’s Library and Children’s Room at Fowler are accessible to all, but the spaces are primarily intended for children up to 8th grade and for individuals for whom that space is developmentally appropriate. We strive to ensure that the space is safe, relaxing, and responsive to the needs and interests of children from 0 - 13 years old. For this reason, children aged 0 - 13 years old will be given priority for service and for the use of the space, including the furniture and computers.

    Adults are permitted in the Children’s Library and Children’s Room at Fowler when accompanied by a youth or if the adult is actively using the collection/space in a way deemed appropriate by the staff. Unaccompanied adults may be encouraged by Library staff to use the facilities, services, and equipment in the adult sections of the Library. If the individual does not comply with staff direction or repeatedly violates this policy, the individual will be asked to leave. This policy has been  developed out of concern for the safety of children in the Library.

    Approved by the Concord Town Manager and Concord Free Public Library Committee, November 3, 2009

    Revised February 15, 2022

  • Circulation Policy

    The Concord Free Public Library is a member of the Minuteman Library Network (MLN).  A library card entitles patrons to borrow materials from Concord’s Main Library and Fowler Branch Library as well as 41 other public and academic libraries.

    Patron checkout with and without ID

    Patrons must present their physical or digital library card or valid ID when checking out materials.  Patrons must notify the library immediately of loss of card or any changes in address, telephone or email.

    As a courtesy for Concord residents who do not have either their card or ID with them, verification of information will be made through additional means. 


    The library card barcode can be used in digital version through the MLN mobile app Patrons should visit their device’s app store to download the Minuteman Library Network app.

    ECards (Online Registration )

    New Patrons can register online for a temporary electronic library card (e-card) that provides the following access:

    What the temporary card offers

    Temporary card is good for 6 months.
    Patron can place 5 holds in the catalog. No checkout allowed.
    Patron can place 7 holds in Overdrive. 10 checkouts allowed in Overdrive.
    Patron has free access to statewide databases.

    Rules for setting up and using the temporary card

    Patron gets a confirmation email with all necessary registration information.

    Patron barcode is only visible to patron in the confirmation email.
    Patron needs to visit a public library in the Minuteman Network with the confirmation, ID and proof of address to complete the registration.
    After 6 months, temporary cards with designation of online patron along with holds are deleted.

    Loan Periods, Renewals, Limits, Notices and Late Fees

    Patrons are allowed a total of 150 items to be checked out to their account. There is a limit of 50 requests per account. Items cannot be borrowed or renewed if the overdue charges are over $10.

    Fines on overdue items from other Minuteman Libraries returned to Concord will be collected at the lending library rates.  Fines owed to public libraries outside of the Minuteman Library Network must be resolved with the owning library; with the exception of ILL items borrowed through Concord Free Public Library.

    Courtesy reminders are emailed 2 days before an item is due provided the patron has a valid email address in their library account. The 1st late notice is emailed 2 weeks after an item is due. A bill for the replacement cost of an item is sent at 30 days overdue and a final notice, in print only, is mailed after an item is 3 months overdue.

    Waiving Fines

    Staff will work with patrons to explain charges and resolve disputes.  Circumstances may warrant staff to waive fines for good cause according to the following guidelines: Staff can waive amounts up to $5.00; Circulation Supervisor and Branch Librarian up to $25; Circulation Supervisor and Branch Librarian will refer requests for larger amounts to the Library Director or his/her designee.

    Lost or Damaged Items

    Patrons are responsible for items checked out to their card. They can pay in person or online for lost or damaged items. CFPL does not accept replacement copies. Refunds for lost items can be issued for Concord items found and returned within 60 days of payment.   The replacement fee for a lost or damaged interlibrary loan (ILL) item varies depending on the lending library’s policies.                                                                                                             

    Museum Pass Program

    Museum passes are funded by the Friends of the Concord Free Public Library and may be used for free or reduced admission at the following locations: Acton Discovery Museum, Annual ParksPass for free parking at various State Parks (funded by Mass DCR), Boston Children’s Museum, Concord Museum, , Harvard Art Museums, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Museum of Fine arts, Museum of Science, New England Aquarium ), Orchard House, Peabody Essex Museum, The Trustees including DeCordova Museum, Fruitlands and the Old Manse and Zoo New England.

    Reservations can be made at or by phone at the Main Branch (978)318-3301 or Fowler Branch (978) 318-3350 up to 60 days in advance.  Please note the location of the reservation Main or Fowler to pick up the pass.   To cancel a reservation please call the library.

    Patrons may pick up the pass the day before their reservation or the day of use.  

    Some passes must be returned to the location where they were borrowed and are due back by the time the library opens the next business day. There is an overdue charge of $10 per day if returned late. Patrons should return passes to the Circulation desk if the library is open or in the overnight book drop if the library is closed. Replacement cost for a lost pass is $20.

    The library is not responsible for honoring reservations when passes have not been returned by the previous borrower.

    Friends’ memberships and proceeds from their book sales help to fund museum passes, children’s programs, concerts, poetry readings, author talks and audio-visual items.

    My Account

    In order to log into My Account enter the library card number, as well as a password. Once the patron is in their account they can also, if desired, create a Username to enter instead of the library card number. This will allow patrons to:

    • Place requests
    • Renew items
    • Pay fines
    • Freeze requests
    • Cancel requests
    • Modify personal information (i.e. create Username, change email and reserve pick-up location)
    • Keep a list of what you’ve borrowed (Link to “my reading history”)
    • Arrange to receive text messages via your mobile phone to alert you in real time when reserved items are ready for pick up and to notify you when items are coming due within 2 days.

    Holds and Holds Pickup

    To place a hold on an item through the online catalog patrons need their library card number (or username) and password. Staff can also assist with placing holds at the library or by phone.

    Only Concord residents can place a hold on DVDs  added to the collection in the last three months

    Patrons will receive an email, text message or phone call when a hold is ready for pick-up. Holds will be held for seven days.

    Held materials must be checked out on the library card of the borrower who has placed the hold.

    Concord has open hold shelves for ease of pick up.  Patrons may elect to create a pick up alias, which will print on the hold slip instead of their legal name.  Please talk with the Circulation Department for more information.

    Patrons may pick up holds for family members.  Verification may be required.


    Most library materials are renewable (with some exceptions) as long as no other library patrons are waiting. . You may renew items: online through your library account, in reply to text message, by phone (978-318-3301), or in person. The MLN auto-renew feature will automatically renew eligible items 2 days before the items are due. Items cannot be renewed if there are charges over $10 on the account.


    Items should be returned at the Main or Fowler Branch Library’s Circulation Desks or at any of the Minuteman Library Network member libraries. Additional options for returns include: outside book drops located at the Main Library’s Sudbury Road entrance and at the Fowler Branch Library. Book drops at the Main Library are generally emptied before opening and one hour before closing and are emptied mid-day at the Fowler Library. Items placed in book drops after closing will be checked in the next business day.

    Homebound Services/Direct to You

    Direct to You delivery service is designed to help Concord residents who are temporarily or permanently homebound.  The Library will deliver materials to you according to your individual requests.  You can select books (including large print books), audio books, music CDs or DVDs.  You will be contacted by a Library employee or volunteer assigned to work with you. That person will discuss your choices with you, deliver them and pick them up at an agreed upon time.  If you or someone you know, could benefit from this service, please call the main library at 978-318-3301 and ask about Direct to You Home Delivery.

    Approved by the Library Committee, December 9, 2014.  Revisions Approved by the Library Committee on January 21, 2020.

    [View Printable/PDF Version]

  • Computer Use and Public Internet Access

    The Concord Free Public Library (“Library”) provides resources in a wide variety of formats to further its mission, including the use of Library computers and public Internet access.

    The Internet is a global electronic network and the Library does not monitor Internet use, has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  The Library cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information on the Internet.  Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

    By using a Library computer or by using the public Internet access through the Library, you agree to the below guidelines.

    Guidelines for Use

    Use of the Library’s computers and Internet is governed by the rules of the Library, including the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy.  Copies of these rules are available upon request at any reference desk.  Persons who do not abide by these rules may be barred from the Library, prohibited from using Library computers or other Library equipment and/or prosecuted for illegal activities, under applicable law.
    Use of the Library computers and Internet for illegal or abusive activities is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as: 

    •  accessing pornography,
    • committing fraud or hacking,
    • spreading libel or slander,
    • transmission of chain letters, broadcast letters, or any form of junk mail
    • transmission of threatening, obscene, or harassing materials
    •  transmission of computer viruses
    •  unauthorized access to local and remote computer systems

    In addition, display of sexually explicit graphics is inappropriate in a public environment and is prohibited.

    Patrons shall not:

    • Install, delete or modify Library hardware or software.
    • Move or change the arrangement of Library computers and attached equipment
    • Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software
    • Make any attempt to cause degradation of system performance
    • Misuse Library computers or other equipment and resources. 

    It is the responsibility of the patron to respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.  Copyright restrictions may exist for individual electronic resources.  Patrons may only make copies allowable by copyright law or licensed software agreements. 

    The Library reserves the right to control the time, place and manner of public Internet access and use to ensure that such use does not have a negative impact on the use of the Library by other patrons.  The Library seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive to the best use of its resources.  To this end, an effort will be made to balance the rights of users to access constitutionally protected information resources with the rights of patrons and staff to work in a public setting free from disruptive sounds and images. 


    The Library specifically disclaims any warranty as to information accessed on the Internet, including the information's accuracy, timeliness, authoritativeness, usefulness or fitness for a particular purpose. The Library assumes no liability for any damage to user data or loss of user privacy sustained while using the Library computers.

    Approved by the Library Committee on July 16, 2013

  • Direct To You Home Delivery Service

    The Concord Free Public Library’s Direct to You Home Delivery Service is a free service for Concord residents, by request, who are unable to visit the Library due to permanent or temporary limitations. A library staff member is paired with the resident and will deliver library materials to the participant’s residence according to individual preferences.

    Materials available for delivery include: books, large print books, magazines, videos and DVDs, and audio books.

    Conversations between the resident and the library representative regarding material selection and delivery are encouraged to take place by telephone or via email according to individual preference. Delivery is to the resident’s door. The library representative may coordinate delivery times with other Town of Concord social service agencies, such as the Council on Aging, in order to facilitate resident receipt of library materials. If a program participant has mobility issues, the staff member may also briefly enter the premises at his/her own discretion.

    Incidents of any kind resulting in the library representative or the resident feeling unsafe must be immediately reported to the Library Director.

    Adopted by the Concord Town Manager and Concord Free Public Library Committee December 8, 2009

  • Fee-Based Tutoring

    Fee-Based Tutoring at the Concord Free Public Library

    It is, at this point, the policy of the Concord Free Public Library to allow tutoring in the Library as an exception to the general rule forbidding the use of the Library for commercial purposes.  This exception has been made as a courtesy for two reasons: because tutoring clearly has an educational purpose and because working parents need a somewhat public place for their children, often quite young, to meet the tutor after school.
    We can continue to provide a place for tutoring to take place as long as the following criteria are met by the tutors using the Library for this purpose:
     1. That all tutors register at the reference desk, giving us name, address, telephone or other contact information. 2. That they limit tutoring to areas where tutoring is allowed. Designated spaces are: the Trustees Room or lower level meeting room (check at reference desk for availability), the second floor alcoves, and the tables on the third floor. 3. That they understand that no tutor has an assured space here, and that all areas are available on a first come first serve basis and are not reservable. 4. That they are mindful of others in the library who are trying to work or study. 5. That if asked either to talk more quietly or to find a different place to meet their student they respond pleasantly and immediately.
    We hope to continue a policy of allowing tutoring in the Library and seek your cooperation in making this possible.

    Approved   by Concord Free Public Library Committee   May 12, 2009

  • Laptop Borrowing

    This service offers Minuteman Library Network card holders in grade 6 to adult in good standing the option to checkout a laptop for use inside the Concord Free Public Library’s buildings. All laptops have wireless Internet access, Microsoft Office software, and web browsers. Laptops circulate with a carrying case, power cord/adapter, mouse, and earphones.

    1. Laptops may be checked out to Minuteman Library Network patrons who meet the following requirements:

    • 18 years of age or older (minors in grade 6 and up will need to have a parent or legal guardian complete and co-sign the Laptop Borrower Agreement prior to check-out).
    •  Submit a current valid government-issued photo I.D. that will be held at the Circulation Department for the duration of the check-out.
    •  Maintain a Library account in good standing (no fines or overdue materials in excess of $10.00).
    • Complete and sign a Laptop Borrower Agreement, which will remain on file.

    2. Laptops are available for check-out on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved. Laptops circulate for up to three (3) hours at a time, with the option of one additional three (3) hour renewal per/day if no one is waiting.

    3. Laptops are loaned for in-library use only and may not be taken out of the building.

    4. Laptop use is non-transferrable. Borrowers must maintain the laptop in their immediate possession at all times. Laptops must not be left unattended.

    5. The last laptop check-out will be 90 minutes before the library closes and all laptops borrowed must be returned 30 minutes prior to closing.

    6. Wireless black and white printing is available from the laptop by emailing at a cost of .15 per/sheet. Up to 10 attachments per/email can be accommodated with a size limit of 10 MB.

    7. Borrowers must comply with the Computer Use and Public Internet Access Policy. Downloading software or otherwise altering the laptop’s configuration could result in a loss of laptop borrowing privileges.

    8. When listening to audio files laptop users are asked to use headphones, so as not to interfere with the library use or enjoyment of other patrons.

    9. Files should be saved to a flash drive or emailed to oneself in order to prevent data loss when the laptop reboots for the next borrower.

    10. Borrowers must return the laptop directly to a staff member in the Circulation Department and will be required to wait until the staff person checks the laptop to determine that all equipment has been returned, is in working order and in the same condition as when it was checked out. The laptop will be booted up and checked for functionality prior to completion of the return process.

    11. Laptops need to be returned promptly at the end of the borrowing period. Overdue fines will be accrued at $5.00 for each hour or portion of the hour that the laptop is late.

    12. Non-compliance with these policy requirements may result in the termination of laptop borrowing privileges.

    Approved by the Library Committee on June 20, 2017.  [View Policy in PDF]


    Laptop Borrower Agreement [View Agreement in PDF]
    Please Read Carefully

    I, ______________________, have read the Concord Free Public Library’s Laptop Lending Policy and agree to adhere to the terms for use.
    1. I agree to accept responsibility for any damages, loss, or overdue fines associated with borrowing laptop computers. I understand that if found liable for major damages I would have to pay up to $950 to cover replacement and/or repair fees.
    2. I will check-out the laptop with my own valid Minuteman Library Network library card in good standing (less than $10 in fines) and will keep it in my immediate possession at all times that it is checked out to me.
    3. If the laptop is lost or stolen while it is checked out to me, I understand that I will be held financially responsible for its replacement.
    4. I will only use the laptop inside the Concord Free Public Library buildings. If I remove the laptop from the library, I understand that such action will be considered theft.
    5. I understand that any documents saved on the laptop will be lost immediately upon restarting the device and take responsibility for backing up my work.
    6. I understand that I must keep all food and drink away from the laptop.
    7. I have read and agree to comply with the Computer Use & Public Access Internet Policy.

    Patron Signature___________________________           Signature of Minor’s Parent or Legal Guardian____________________

  • Library Card Policy

    As members of the Minuteman Library Network, Concord adheres to the Minuteman policy of issuing only one library account per person for use at all public libraries in the network. Massachusetts residents may obtain a library card by presenting photo identification and confirmation of current address in accordance with the Minuteman Library Network’s identification requirements. Library card applications may also be submitted online. In order to complete the registration, you must present a photo ID and proof of address when you pick up your card. As a courtesy, new local residents without the required ID can be given a library card with a 2 item limit pending address verification.

    Out-of-state residents, who meet the following requirements, may be issued a library card with sufficient identification: work or attend school in Massachusetts; own property in Massachusetts; are temporarily living in Massachusetts for more than 2 months. Out of state residents must provide identification showing their home/permanent address. Students must verify their status with a school ID. Temporary residents such as Au pairs must provide proof of temporary residence.

    Children under the age of 12 must have a parent or legal guardian present to present a photo ID and proof of address when the child receives their library card. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any charges incurred for materials borrowed by their minor children (age 18 and under).

    A child’s library card is granted full privacy rights in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws (Chapter 78, Section 7) and the ALA Code of Ethics and Library Bill of Rights. Based on these standards, if a parent or guardian opens an account for their child, library staff cannot share information with parents/legal guardians regarding borrowed material on a minor’s card or make any changes to the account without permission from the child.

    Approved by the Library Committee, December 9, 2014

    Revised January 21, 2020.

    Revised February 15, 2022

  • Library of Things Circulation Policy


    The Library of Things is a collection of non-traditional library items that complement the Concord Free Public Library’s mission to ignite curiosity, facilitate lifelong learning, and connect our community. Patrons who borrow a Thing agree to abide by the Concord Free Public Library’s Library of Things lending guidelines below. 


    The purpose of the Library of Things is to provide diverse opportunities for learning and engagement. To further this goal, the Library of Things may include:

    Home Improvement and Assistive Devices, such as a Kill-A-Watt meter and a hotspot (internet Internet service).

    Audiovisual Equipment, such as a portable record player, digital camera, and q a cassette-to-digital converter.Fire TV Stick. 

    Science and Technology and Technology Kits, such as a digital microscope, a telescope, and simple computer programming kits.

    Coding, such as Cubelets, Dash & Dot robots and Code-a-pillar.

    Digital Conversion, such as cassette to MP3 converter and film to digital JPG converter.

    The Library of Things is not intended to be comprehensive and the lLibrary is limited by a finite amount of storage space for these items. For a full list of items available, visit


    The Library of Things collection is developed and managed to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of library patrons of all ages in the Town of Concord, MA.

    The Library’s professional staff will select materials based on the needs of library patrons. The Library welcomes input from the community concerning the collection. A suggestion for purchase procedure enables users to request that a particular item or subject be purchased by the Library. All suggestions for purchase are evaluated using the same selection criteria as for other materials and are not automatically added to the collection. The Suggest a Thing to add to the collection form is available here.

    The Library can only accept a limited number of donations due to restricted storage space and the staff time necessary to evaluate, test and maintain each Thing.  However, we are happy to accept donations from any patrons. The Library does not accept materials that are not outright gifts, and cannot guarantee the permanence of a gift in the collection. Materials donated to the library are received with the understanding that they are subject to the same selection, evaluation and disposal criteria as materials acquired for purchase. To suggest a donation please email with a description of the Thing and your contact information.

    Not all library materials may be suitable for all members of the community. Responsibility for a minor’s use of library materials, regardless of format or content, lies with the parent or guardian, not with the library.

    Due to the nature of the items contained in the Library of Things, these items will not be shared via delivery with the other libraries in the Minuteman Library Network. All Library patrons are required to check out and return Library of Things items to the Main Desk at the Concord Free Public Library, 129 Main Street, Concord, MA.


    The Library will use circulation data and community suggestions to guide future selections for the Library of Things collection. Items that are not popular and do not circulate will be withdrawn from library collections according to established procedures.


    The Library reserves the right to take a Thing out of circulation temporarily to use for library purposes (workshops, demonstrations, or other programs), or to repair a damaged item.

    Library of Things - Guidelines for Borrowing and Use
    Library of Things - Lending Agreement

    Approved by the Library Committee 7/17/18. Amended 12/18/18.

  • Meeting Rooms

    The Library Corporation and the Library Committee welcome the use of the Library’s meeting rooms by Concord Town Committees or not for profit groups in the Concord community for cultural, educational and civic activities provided that (a) meetings are free and open to the public, (b) they comply with library policies, procedures and posted notices, and (c) the use is non-disruptive and consistent with normal library operations. All meeting room use must occur during the Library's normal operating hours except for events sponsored by the Library Corporation or the Friends of the Concord Free Public Library.

    Room reservations may not be made earlier than 90 days before the requested date and reservation reconfirmation by the Library will be required, as per the below outlined procedures. Groups which meet regularly may be given the privilege of reserving a room at a specific time and date for an entire academic or calendar year.

    The reservation and room usage form(s) will require the requesting group to designate the group's responsible party and contact information, the purpose of the meeting, its time and the number of expected participants as well as other requested information. No use may take place unless a reservation and room use form containing the required information has been fully completed in advance of the expected use date and accepted by an authorized Library staff member. All approved reservation requests shall be subject to the terms of this policy and a group's failure to comply with such terms shall be cause to terminate a group's use of a room and to deny any subsequent request for a room reservation. The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety or theft of any private property brought on the Library premises by the group using the meeting rooms or meeting attendees.

    Reservation requests will be processed in the order received. Although efforts will be made to accommodate requests for particular rooms, times and dates, the Library reserves the right to designate room, time and date use as it deems appropriate and may limit a group’s use to no more than two evenings per month.

    If on a given day an individual library patron desires to use an unoccupied and unreserved meeting room, such person may sign up at the reference desk on a first-come first-served basis for use of the room for a two-hour period. Parties of two or more will have priority over individual patrons. No advance booking is allowed for such daily individual or group patron use.

    Use of rooms for Library programs or by the Library Corporation, the Town Library Committee or the Friends of the Concord Free Public Library shall take precedence over other all other uses. Any previously approved reservation may be cancelled by the Library Director or the Library Corporation on reasonable notice and immediately in the case of weather or other emergency.

    Arrangements, such as the setting up of library chairs and tables are the responsibility of the sponsoring group and must be coordinated with library staff. The Library's audiovisual equipment shall not be used without prior approval of the Library staff. Any publicity regarding the meeting shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring group and any mention of the Library shall be limited solely to identify it as the location of the meeting and the acceptance of a reservation shall not imply the Library's endorsement or sponsorship of the group, program or event. Legal room occupancy limits shall be observed. Alcoholic beverages, use of open flames and smoking are prohibited. Groups may serve light refreshments. At the end of the meeting all chairs, tables and other Library equipment and materials shall be placed in their proper storage location as may be directed by the Library staff, all trash shall be removed and the room shall be left clean and in good order. Groups are responsible for damage to Library property and for excess cleaning expenses occasioned by a group's use of a meeting room.

    Use of rooms for tutoring is subject to the Library's separate policy relating to this activity.

    Any questions concerning this policy shall be directed to the Library Director who may refer them to the Library Corporation or the Library Committee as may be appropriate.

    This policy is subject to change without notice.

    Original Policy 11/17/76
    Revised 5/6/93
    Revised 10/13/99
    Revised 6/30/05
    Revised 4/1/11 

    Click here for a PDF version of the policy. 

  • Patron Guidelines

    The Concord Free Public Library strives to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. All residents and visitors have the right to use the library services and materials safely and freely. With this right comes the responsibility for conduct that allows each person in the library to study, read and work without interference.

    • Patrons must comply with local and state public health requirements including wearing a mask in the buildings. Individuals who are unable to comply will receive services via curbside pickup.
    • Parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children. See Safe Child Policy
    • Cell phones should be silenced while in the library. Calls may be taken either outdoors or at the library entrance.
    • Library materials must be checked out prior to leaving the building.
    • Patrons are responsible for damage to or loss of library materials.
    • Patrons may not deface library property.
    • The Reference Room on the first floor is used for quiet study and research – please respect this.
    • The library is not responsible for personal property.
    • Only service and therapy animals are allowed in the library.
    • Shirts and shoes must be worn in the library at all times.
    • Skateboarding or roller-blading on library property is not allowed.
    • No solicitation of any kind is permitted on library premises.
    • Patrons will obey federal, state and local laws as well as library policies.

    Approved by the Concord Free Public Library Committee, March 18, 2014; revised on August 18, 2020.

  • Social Media Policy and Guidelines

    The Concord Free Public Library manages five social media platforms, in addition to a social media management tool. These platforms include:

    • Facebook (page username: “Concord Free Public Library”)
    • Instagram (username: “@concordlibrary”)
    • Twitter (username: “@CFPL_Updates”)
    • TikTok (username: “@concordlibrary”)
    • Youtube (channel name: “Concord Free Public Library)
    • Hootsuite (social media management tool for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)


    The goal of all Library social media platforms is to reflect and feed back into the mission of the Library mission: “To inspire lifelong learning and to actively promote personal enrichment by connecting community members to information, ideas, culture, unique historical resources, and in each other in a tradition of innovation and excellence.”

    As such, the Library strives to maintain a professional tone in all messaging, images, and videos shared, and encourages learning, information, and engagement with the Library and what the Library provides.

    When considering the Library’s mission statement, other Library policies, and the general tone and professional quality of the Library’s social platforms, the following content will be posted to CFPL social platforms:

    • Historical content, such as what is contained in Special Collections, or original content from the Library about a historical event, such as the 2021 Inauguration.
    • Information about Library services
    • Information about Library programs
    • Staff curated booklists
    • Events, creative work, or similar things occurring in or outside on Library property, such as the Storywalk, approved posters on the lawn, the yearly gingerbread house, etc.
    • News from the Library, including the above, as well as new technology or tech services available to the public, etc.
    • Content that may be silly or entertaining, while still encouraging values outlined in the Library’s mission statement, such as education or growth (in particular on TikTok, which will exist primarily for the teens and tweens in the community)
    • Very rarely, the CFPL will share content from other community partners/Library stakeholders that matches the message and tone of what is normally posted. These partners include the Library Corporation, the Friends of the Concord Free Public Library, the Town of Concord, etc.

    When considering the Library’s mission statement, other Library policies, and the general tone and professional quality of the Library’s social platforms, the following content will NOT be posted to the CFPL social platforms:

    • Memes
    • Other’s content, without express permission and only if the content falls into the category of what will be posted
    • Shares of other’s posts, unless they are a community partner/Library stakeholder
    • “Empty” content that has no educational, newsworthy, or informative value


    The Library manages Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through the social media management tool Hootsuite. All content for these platforms will be scheduled in advance via Hootsuite. Very rarely, the Library will respond to a timely event and forego scheduling a post and instead post it immediately via Hootsuite, within reason.

    TikTok content will be created by a small group of Library staff, and will be managed outside of Hootsuite, as Hootsuite does not currently support management and scheduling of TikTok videos. Like other social platforms, TikTok will be managed and overseen by designated staff members in order to maintain content and messaging that is in line with what the Library posts in other social platforms.

    As a best practice, the Library does not post more than 3 times a day on any social media platform.

    The Library will post most Library-created, long form video content to the Library’s YouTube page, ideally timing it alongside the same video post/premiere on Facebook.


    The Library has the authorization to post any images or videos of Library staff, images or videos captured by Library staff of non-human/non-creative work (i.e. animals, Library architecture, etc.), and graphics or artwork created by Library staff.

    To post images or videos of people or other’s artwork or graphics, Library staff must collect a release form, signed by the individual. If an image or video of a child is captured, that release form must be signed by a legal guardian.


    The Library will change the passwords of all social platforms and social media management tools every three months as a best practice.

    The Library will immediately change the passwords of all social platforms and social media management tools immediately if there is a suspected security breach, and then report it to management as well as the Town IT.

    The Library will monitor engagement with each social platform, and if there is suspected trolling or aggression on any Library social platform, it will be reported to management and the suspected user may be banned from the social platform and/or reported to the social platform host (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube).

    Approved by Library Committee

    Revised June, 2021

  • Study Room Policy

    General Principles & Purpose

    As part of its mission to inspire lifelong learning and promote personal enrichment, the Concord Free Public Library offers study rooms for use by members of the public. These rooms are available for quiet study or small group work. Study Rooms may not be used for commercial purposes. Use of rooms for tutoring is subject to the Library's separate policy relating to this activity (see “Fee-Based Tutoring” Policy).

    Main Library (129 Main St.) has three study rooms:

    1 technology-free room with a capacity for 2 people (Note: This room has weak internet signal and is not accessible.)
    2 rooms with a capacity for 4 people

    Fowler (1322 Main St.) has one study alcove:

    Quiet Study Alcove with capacity for 6 people. (Note: This space does not have a door.)

    Use of Study Rooms

    • Study Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.
    • Please visit the Reference Desk to reserve a Study Room at the Main Library. The Study Alcove at Fowler cannot be reserved.
    • We do not book Study Rooms in advance or by telephone.
    • There is a two hour limit per day.
    • No food is permitted in the Study Rooms, but covered beverages are allowed.
    • Power and wireless internet access are available in all rooms, unless otherwise noted.
    • The Quiet Study Alcove (Fowler) is equipped with a monitor/display that can be used to share a laptop screen. HDMI cable and adapters are available for check out at the main floor service desk.
    • The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items. Do not leave personal items unattended if you leave a room for any reason.
    • Public use of the Library’s Study Rooms must be subordinate to the need to provide a safe, peaceful, and respectful environment in which to read and study. No use of the Study Rooms will be allowed that is likely to disturb library patrons in their customary use of library facilities, impede library staff in the performance of their duties, or endanger patrons, staff, or the library building or collections.

    Approved by the Library Committee on April 26, 2022

  • Telescope Circulation Policy

    1. The telescope may be checked out to Minuteman Library Network patrons who:

    • are Concord residents 18 years of age or older
    • have an account that is in good standing (no fines or overdue materials in excess of $10.00)
    • sign the “Telescope Borrowing Agreement”

    2. The telescope circulates for 7 days with no renewals. The late fee is $10/day with a maximum fine of $50. Failure to return the item on time may result in the inability to borrow the item again. Users will have 3 days to pick up the item once notified that it’s available.

    3. The telescope must be returned to a staff member at the Circulation Desk at the Main Library (129 Main Street, Concord, MA). The telescope must not be left unattended at the Circulation Desk or outside the building. Staff will inspect the telescope kit before checking it in.

    4. The complete telescope kit is valued at $415 and includes:

    • 1 Orion StarBlast telescope (replacement cost $350);
    • 1 carrying container (replacement cost $10);
    • 1 laminated instruction manual (replacement cost: $10);
    • 1 National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Constellations of the Northern Skies (replacement cost: $10);
    • 1 red/white headlamp (replacement cost: $15);
    • 1 zippered pack (replacement cost: $10);
    • 2 travel pillows (replacement cost: $10).

    If the telescope and/or its accompanying items are damaged or lost the borrower will pay the replacement fees.

    5. Children under age 18 must be supervised by an adult while using the telescope.

    • The borrower is responsible for reading the instruction manual for the proper care and use of the telescope; the Concord Free Public Library will not be held liable for any injuries related to the use of the telescope.
    • Never look directly at the sun through the telescope or its finder scope – even for an instant – as permanent eye damage can result.
    • Do not wipe or clean the lens. There is a protective coating that will be damaged if touched.
    • Do not point the telescope at the sun, as parts will melt.

    6. Any situation not covered by this policy will be reviewed and acted upon by the Library director.


    Approved by the Library Committee on October 27, 2015; revised March 22, 2016.

    Please click here to read the Telescope Borrowing Agreement (on page 2).

  • 3D Printing

    The Concord Free Public Library (CFPL) strives to offer access to new and emerging technologies to further its mission and is pleased to offer the use of an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer to library patrons. This policy establishes how and under what circumstances patrons may use the CFPL’s 3D printer. [View or Print 3D Printer Policy in PDF]


    The 3D printer is available to the public to make three dimensional objects in plastic using a design that is uploaded from a digital computer file.  The 3D printer may be used for lawful purposes only. Patrons are not permitted to use the printer to create objects that are:

    • Prohibited by local, state or federal law.
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or that may pose an immediate threat to the well being of others.
    • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate items for the library environment.
    •  In violation of another’s intellectual property rights. For example, you cannot reproduce material subject to copyright, patent or trademark protection.

    CFPL reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request. If a build is too large or complex, CFPL may suggest the use of a commercial service.  Only trained library staff and volunteers will have hands-on access to the 3D printer.  Patrons wishing to use the 3D printer must be a library patron in good standing.

                                                                                                                   HOW TO PRINT YOUR 3D DESIGN?

    (Click here to read more about  “How to Use the Ultimaker 2+” instructions.)

    Once you have completed your 3D design, save your design in the STL file format and send as an attachment to Include your email address and phone number so that CFPL can contact you with a price quote for printing your design, an estimated wait time for completion of your design, and to go over your print options.

    While we will estimate your wait time, CFPL makes no commitment to being able to produce print submissions in a specific time frame. CFPL will choose the order in which jobs are printed to maximize efficiency and give as many people as possible a chance to obtain a print.

    COST - CFPL will assess a charge of $0.25 per gram, as estimated by the printer software. Patrons will pay for all material used, including any cancelled or flawed prints. Payment is to be made at the time of pickup.

    CFPL cannot guarantee model quality or stability, or the confidentiality of designs. The requesting patron is responsible for all errors that occur during the printing process.

    Items must be picked up by the individual who submitted them, using a valid ID. Items not picked up within 14 days after being printed will become the property of the CFPL. A requesting patron who does not pick up the printed item within the allotted timeframe forfeits all future rights to use the 3D printer.


    This Policy and Procedure may change at any time. While CFPL staff members make every effort to oversee the use of the 3D printer, the use of the printed object upon completion is not under the direction or control of the CFPL or the Town of Concord. The CFPL is not responsible for any object created with the use of the 3D printer, including any harm or injury incurred as a result of any usage of the 3D printer or the printed object.

    On occasion the 3D printer may operate in a public area, and have an Internet-enabled camera that captures images of the items being printed. Still images and/or video of the printing process may be posted on a public website. The CFPL does not make any promise that any particular print will be confidential or private. The identity of the patron submitting the job will fall under the same legal protection that extends to the privacy of the intellectual content of the borrowers of library material.


    By signing this statement, I indicate that I understand the terms of this 3D Printer Policy and agree to abide by it. I relinquish any responsibility on behalf of the CFPL’s liability in the printing process or the use of the printed object.

    ____________________________ _______________________ __________
    Printed Name Signature Date

    ____________________________ _______________________ __________
    Parent or Legal Guardian’s Printed Name Signature Date

    Approved by the Library Committee on April 18, 2017

  • Wireless Hotspot Circulation Policy

    The Concord Free Public Library offers wireless Hotspot devices for loan to library patrons. Library patrons who are 18 years of age and older must have a signed “Wireless Hotspot Borrowing Agreement” on file assuming financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment in order to check out a wireless hotspot. 

    • Loan period: 1 week, with a 1 week renewal option
    • $2/day late fine
    • Wireless hotspots are available for request by Concord residents only.
    • Limit: 1 wireless hotspot per person

    Do not place wireless hotspots in book drops (outside or inside)
    Wireless hotspots must be returned to the Circulation Desks at either the Concord Free Public Library’s Main Library at 129 Main Street or at the Fowler Branch Library at 1322 Main Street and may not be returned to any other Minuteman Library Network location.

    Patrons are responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the wireless hotspot while it is checked out to them. Do not leave the wireless hotspot unattended while it is checked out to you.

    Replacement costs are as follows:

    • Lost or damaged wireless hotspot - $150
    • Processing fee - $10
    • Travel case - $15
    • 2 Cables - $30
    • Outlet plug - $22
    • Total cost= $227

    Adopted by the Concord Free Public Library Committee on April 19, 2016.